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BH 732 AA  Aluminium drill foot  

BH 731 NN  Nylon rout foot  

BH 721 ND  Nylon drill foot  

BH 722 NR  Nylon rout foot  

BH 723 AD/M2  Adaptor to allow fitting of BH 701
to 711 series  

BH 741 ND10  Ten sping drill foot with insert  

BH 741 ND6  Six spring drill foot with insert  

BH 742 NR6  Six spring rout foot with brushes  

BH 742 NR10  Ten spring rout foot with brushes  

BH 744 NB  Brush sets (1 large & 1 small)  

BH 743 SD  Steel insert for drill foots only  

BH 745 NB  Brush with internal diameter 31.3mm, external diameter 39.2mm, brush overall heigh 18mm  


BH 431 SPB & LPB Drill or drill/router collets

BH 421 TC Used on drill or drill/router collets

BH 701 NA As above with replaceable nylon inserts

BH 703 NY Insert only for use on BH 701 NA and 702 NA

BH 703 NY/600 Insert only for use on BH 702 NA/600

BH 702 NA As above with replaceable nylon insert

BH 702 NA/600 A BH 702 NA, but with 13mm centre hole

BH 711 RB Exchange system for worn pressure foot brush. Just send your old unit and, providing it is in serviceablr condition, we will replace it with a re-wired best horsehair brush unit. The aluminium back has a 1.650" diameter body and a 1.100" diameter location section with locking rubber 'O' ring. Used on drill/router machine.

BH 711 NB Presure foot brush, new unit with clear anodised surface finish to back aluminium section. Dimensins as BH 711 RB

BH 711 RBW &
BH 711 NBW As BH 711 but larger diameter internal hole (21mm)

BH 712 NB &
BH 712 RB As BH 711 NB but with locating diameter 1.650"

BH 411 SV Storage well bronze collet manufactured as a single high precision unit will accept 9mm set ring BH 616 P