Design By Steve Giffen


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   The Bohan cropping machine was designed
    and developed following extensive research
    into the problems associated with the
    removal of printed circuit boards from
    routed panels by hand.


    The main features of the machine are the
    virtual elimination of both induced stress in
    panels and components and the de-lamination
    of boards during cropping. A foot operated
    switch allows easier and more accurate
    positioning of PCBs by the operative, whilst
    a safety device ensures that only bridges are
    cut - the machine will not operate with a
    solid object under the cutter.

Low maintenance and adaptability also greatly increase productivity. The Bohan Cropping Machine has already led to a dramatic reduction in cracked components and operator fatigue in production lines throughout the UK.


Removes support bridges up to 4mm long x 2.4mm wide from populated and unpopulated PCBs
        Minimal stress and de-lamination, even on multilayer types
        Safety feature ensures only bridges are cut
        Cuts up to 1000 bridges per hour (based on customer reports)
        Large chad waste tray
        'Hands free' foot switch
        With proper use and fair wear and tear, the standard 2.35mm blade will   give up to 800000 cuts
        Blade changing time: 15 minutes
        Die changing time: 5 minutes
        Options available blade/die sets for slots 1.6mm to 3.2mm wide
        Operates from 80 psi (6 Bar) air supply
        Size: 420 x 480 x 235mm
        Weight: 35Kg