Design By Steve Giffen

Maximum accommodation for PCBs is 690mm x 540mm

Fast, easy and accurate setting

Extremely safe in operation

Electric powered drill heads

Pre-set positions from 150mm to 650mm in 25mm steps

Option for auto pin feed and drill or pin only

Pin diameter and length to customers specification

Overall dimensions:1200mm(W) x 650mm(D) x 1500mm(H)

Weight 243Kg

Air supply 0.36ft3 at 100psi

Electric Supply: 440V 3ph 50Hz 3.4Amps



      Use our machine to reduce damage to location

        pins and holes.  

        The Bohan De-Pin machine automatically

       removes pins
        from PCB stacks in a quick, safe, positive


        PCB stacks are placed under the vertical head. This
        action centres the pin between two hardened steel
        guides. On reaching an extremely accurate air sensing
        device, the stack is then automatically held in the
        correct position before the pin can be ejected by an
        air operated punch. The eject pins then drop into a
        tray beneath the base.



Overall dimensions: 130mm(W) x 130mm(D) x 380mm(H)

Air supply: 0.25ft3 at 100 psi

Weight: 46lb (21kg)



Automatic De-Pinning of PCB Stacks

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