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A complete range of plastic and split steel set rings
    to suit most types of storage well assembly collets.
    All to suit 1/8" (3.175mm) shank drills and router


    Standard colours: white, yellow, red green, blue
    and black. Other colours are available. Minimum
    order 500 (except BH646P min 100).


    Note: BH603P is available in 26 moulded colours as
    standard. The BH603P is used by many customers in
    all the following machines because their individual
    specifications are  very similar: Excellon, Hitachi,
    Pluritec, Posalux.


Diameter x Width (off drill shank*) Note's

BH603P Excellon (see note above) 0.297" x 0.177" (7.54 x 4.5mm)  

BH607S Excellon 0.297" x 0.177" (7.54 x 4.5mm) Steel type

BH605P Mania 87 0.500" x 0.236" (12.7 x 6.00mm) 5.4mm I/D Hole

BH606P Posalux (special) 0.300" x 0.195" (7.62 x 4.95mm) Machined

BH616P Vero 0.353" x 0.197" (8.97 x 5.00mm)  

BH636P Wessel, Lenz and Klingelnberg 0.299" x 0.177" (7.59 x 4.5mm) Chamfered

BH646P Advance and Schmoll 0.473" x 0.236" (12.00 x 6.00mm)  




Accurate and fast setting of collars


        The Bohan drill collar setting unit can be used in
        conjunction with CNC drill or router machines using
        pre-set drills and cutters with location collars.


        Our setting unit can be supplied to suit individual
        customer requirements in respect to collar
        diameter and thickness. It has been designed for
        the fast and accurate setting of carbide drills and
        router, using a precision imperial dial gauge which
        virtually eliminates drill point damage.


        Setting collars can be removed from drill and
        router cutters on the unit, with collars
        automatically dropping beneath the base.