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       The Bohan fixed edge trimmer for populated or
        bare boards is a simple, cost effective unit used to
        remove unwanted 'pips' from the sides of a panel.


        The air-driven motor operates from a foot switch
        allowing the operator's hands to be free to hold a
        panel vertically over the rotating cutter. The panel
        rests on the hardened steel supports either side of

        the cutter. Sliding the panel to the right will remove
        any protruding pips.


       Vacuum connection for swarf removal

        Uses a normal 0.25" carbide router or diamond equivalent

        Requires lubricated air at 80 psi (5.5 Bar), 5 cfm (2.36dm cubed/sec) when   


        Supplied complete with foot switch and necessary piping

        Width: 200mm

        Depth: 300mm

        Height: 110mm

        Weight: 18lb (8kg)