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The Bohan Printalign is a versatile, highly accurate phototool alignment system for diazo and silver halide photographs.

Designed as a result of our continuous research and development programme, the Printalign can provide a significant increase in the rate of printing to a reference while maintaining consistent high quality. It eliminates 'first off' checking, phototool damage and tool hole wear, while the reduction of imaging times and the easy, accurate changing of phototools increases efficiency and minimises operator fatigue and glass breakage.

The Printalign can be manufactured to suit specified panel ranges, and optional features such as glass stress spacers and artwork vacuum grooves are designed to meet most individual operating needs.



    1.   Reduces imaging times by up to 50%

     2.   Accepts material for printing from 0.1mm up to 2.3mm

     3.   Eliminates phototool (artwork) damage and tool hole wear

     4.   Fast and accurate phototool changing

     5.   Glass panels mounted in metal frames for easy replacement

     6.   Incorporates precision bearings, hard location pads and unique  

          gas lifting struts for stress free top to bottom glass registration


Options available:


            Pins in metal or glass to customer specification

            Micro adjustment of 'x' and 'y' of top glass

            Artwork vacuum grooves plus 'U' diversions

            Unique glass stress spacers

            Sub frames for various exposure machines can be supplied

Dimensions/weight according to panel specification