Design By Steve Giffen


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      Used to align    artworks to better than
        0.025mm (0.001") and punch a series of
        edge slots along one edge of artwork.


         The machine can use as it's reference
         three techniques:

            A master drilled panel

            A master artwork

            A fixed camera position


         Alignment can proceed by:

            Hands and eye for very
               approximate position

            X and Y adjusters on each arm using x7

            X and Y adjusters on each arm using to x40 magnification


At x40 magnification tracks and gaps of 0.005mm (0.0002") are   clearly visible


Machine will show immediately to the operator if there is artwork stretch or contraction relative to references.


Artworks are clamped rigidly in position prior to punching being allowed.


Clamping requires both hand to operate controls for safety reasons.


Air requirements: 85psi min (6 bar)

Electrical: 220/240 50Hz 1A

Dimensions: 1500mm(H) x 1300mm(W) x 1400mm(D)

Weight: 600Kg

Slot size and pitches: To customers specification